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RPND In Action - Kinley Gilbert, Rhett Schaef & Kayley Still

Posted Date: 02/27/2018

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#RPND In Action: 

I nominate Kinley Gilbert, Rhett Schaef, and Kayley Still for RPND In Action Award: 

What do you do when something does not go as plan, or it just doesn't work out? You don't give up! You keep going and you keep persevering! Eventually...You will make it! That is just what happened on February 17, 2018. Kinley Gilbert, Kayley Still, and Rhett Schaef participated in Destination Imagination.  This was their first time to ever experience Destination Imagination. Their challenge was an Unlikely Attraction: Scientific Challenge. It was time to go on stage, and they gathered nervously around the curtains, holding parts of their cube. The Sandy Sahara Slides Water park in the Sahara Desert. Judges quietly penciling in their comments from the previous performance. Finally, judges call  "The Einsteiniums" to the stage. (They only have 8 minutes to set up and to present their attraction.) The stage is quiet, and the audience is quiet. The three began quickly setting up their cube made of PVC. Once the cube was set up, it completely fell. Kinley began leading the group to reassemble the cube. The cube fell again. Kayley and Rhett holding the sides of the cube to stabilize it. 

The cube is important because it shows the background of the Sahara Desert, the pulley system was to be attached to the cube.  Everything depended on that cube. When standing, the cube would be 10 feet wide, and six feet tall. Kinley finally broke the silence and began to speak about the Sandy Sahara Slide Attraction. Rhett then took the lead began to share what the cube represented.  This allowed Kinley and Kayley to continue on setting up the cube. Finally,  the cube was set up, only 1 minute left. Kinley managed to get the slide into the cube. Kayley and Rhett demonstrated how the slide would work. Then the judges called "Time!" Although, they did not share their story behind the Sandy Sahara Slides due to the lack of time, they achieved something much greater that day! The judges crowded around their attraction and began to ask them many questions. My students with relief, gladly answered as many questions as possible. 

I was so amazed by my students effort to keep trying, and their great teamwork at that moment.  Their actions were very inspirational to me. No matter how many times that cube fell, that did not stop them. They continued to work together, and in the end...The cube was standing!  These three deserve to be recognized for the RPND of the week!  They are perfect examples of what a True Ranger is! Never Give Up! Never Stop Trying! – Crystal Vidauri, PHS Teacher